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Perfect Plaids

We have had such fun revisiting plaid patterns in cotton and mohair.  We designed a collection some time ago that flew off the shelves and decided to weave another run.  They are complex in the visual memories they elicit – they have a tie into comfort, outdoors, adventure, warmth, something from childhood…
We have brightened up the shades and made some unexpected combinations.  The blankets will go into our shop, I am finding them very difficult to part with, they are like a family already and all look so comfortable with each other!

Carpets, Cushions, Fabrics

We have been enjoying a creative period as we experiment with some weaving patterns and combine textures and colours.  We have carpet orders in production, which will take us some time to weave and finalise and we are revisiting some of our raffia weaves which clients want to re-order.

This Week In The Studio

The last few months we have been involved in different products – from fluffy tufted mohair carpets to a collection of mohair blankets for a US store.  We are currently working on intricately patterned raffia (used as large room divider panels) and are finalising a carpet order for a home in Bordeaux.

Mohair Cushion Covers

Every now and then we weave a run of striped cushion covers that consist of a myriad of colours in a blending stew of hues…that really are one offs.  I love the unexpectedness of the colour combinations and textures.  There are some natural greys, ochres and golds.  Plus a little rosy pink and pale blue to add to the mix.