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A beautiful home in France

This home in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in France decorated by London firm Collett Zarzycki Interiors and is featured in the August issue of UK House & Garden.  Our stripped cotton ribbed carpets woven in a very neutral cream are several of this homes rooms.  I do love the interiors and the woven sculpture by Caroline Achaintre is startling.  Always gives me great satisfaction to see some of the beautiful homes our carpets find.

What's been happening in our Studio this month?

Our small studio is able to customise fabrics to a high degree as make fabrics from start to finish.  We were asked to make some very textured, shaggy, bobbly, fringed, colourful cushion covers for a lodge whose decor is always bespoke and often ground breaking....such a fun assignment and the client loved the result. 

We've also been trying out a new carpet design and we're doing some tapestry work which is quite precise and takes concentration and careful weaving.

Our Carpet Range

Our carpets are woven in different styles, namely flatpile, ribbed and/or diamond and tufted.  They can be woven in mohair or in stripped cotton.  We also have a small range in raffia, but generally stick to a flatpile weave with this.

Each style looks different and can be made using an undyed, natural colour - known as our chalk mohair; using one colour with natural and then in colour combinations of two or three colours for ribbed or plain dyed colours in a plain one colour carpet or stripes.

Cecil Skotnes tapestry by Marguerite Stephens, 1965 goes on sale at Strauss & Co.

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From the Strauss Auction Catalogue, Lot No.

"The President Hotel, bounded by Eloff, Plein and De Villiers Streets in Johannesburg, opened in October 1967 and cost its investors then in excess of R7,000,000.  Thankfully, a significant share of the budget was set aside to fund a number of commanding, site specific new artwork by Transvaal artists.

Fabrics for Life

In this disposable age, it is important to produce responsibily and to manufacture quality goods in the best possible way.  Our products are built for life and not only do they keep you warm, they warm up a room and add an e touch of the bespoke, the hand made and the carefully thought of. 

Farewell Judy Mason

Judy died on 29th December, 2016 at the age of 78.


Judy was a good friend of our studio and although I did not know her very well, her art is very much part of my life and admired and respected every day.  I have always seen her work hanging in Mags' house and have long been fascinated and intrigued by her often unsettling imagery.  Her fascination with hyena and menacing monkeys permeate through her art and are completely captivating.

Hello 2017

One hopes 2016 will soon be a distant memory, but hard to forget a year like that one.  I'm referring to the global and local events that happened that many of us thought were unthinkable.

Let's hope 2017 provides something more sensible and rational.  There is nothing so depraved as human nature.

It's been quite a year!

Each year is different and brings with it challenges, some which we overcome and some which take a little longer to work around.

We were able to complete some very large carpets, some of the largest we have ever produced.  We ran a weaving course with Glynis Brooke which successfully introduced two new weavers to some of the more difficult aspects of weaving, and allowed some of our more experienced weavers to refine and improve their knowledge.