This Week in the Studio

We're weaving carpets this week that require us to spin the colour to make a very specific grey.  It must be an even spin in thickness and colour throughout.  We have put a team of spinners on to this who started a month ago by carefully blending black mohair with chalk to achieve a granite shade of grey.

Once spun, we dyed another colour to use in the pattern and have started weaving.  The results are subtle, but the careful blend is unmistakable in that it is not a dyed colour.  It has flecks of black and chalk which create a different story.

We've also been working on some textured blankets for a lodge which have become such a part of the interior, they are a repeat order from several years ago. 

We are also welcoming two new supervisors, Sesana & Mbuso who will take over the duties of our existing ones.  Both are looking forward to the challenge, both are new to the role - their training begins today.