Hello 2017

One hopes 2016 will soon be a distant memory, but https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra/ hard to forget a year like that one.  I'm referring to the global and local events that happened that many of us thought were unthinkable.

Let's hope 2017 provides something more sensible and rational.  There is nothing so depraved as human nature.

We have begun work today back in the Studio.  Our traditional long December/January holiday has become an institution for us as our weavers take no time off during the year and and work and weaving can be a physically taxing task.  Staff return home to their homesteads for a six week rest which is hardly that as there are many tasks to be done at home.

Swaziland along with much of Southern Africa experienced quite devastating drought conditions for the last two years but November and December's rainfall seems to have broken much of the dry spell.  This means planting of maize, the staple food crop could go ahead and many people were busy planting their fields and weeding.  Hopefully the crop will have time to mature and the rains will continue to fall and fill up our dams.

I am excited for the new year.  There is always such optimism and enthusiasm for what is going to unfold and what we are going to achieve and create.  Thank you to all of our customers for giving us challenging and ongoing work.

I am not sure what colours are going to take centre stage this year but I had a look back and selected these images from 2011 where we participated with Mohair South Africa at Maison Objet.  Still love these combinations.