Our Carpet Range

Our carpets are woven in different styles, namely flatpile, ribbed and/or diamond and tufted.  They can be woven in mohair or in stripped cotton.  We also have a small range in raffia, but generally stick to a flatpile weave with this.

Each style looks different and can be made using an undyed, natural colour - known as our chalk mohair; using one colour with natural and then in colour combinations of two or three colours for ribbed or plain dyed colours in a plain one colour carpet or stripes.

Mohair is not blended, it is handspun, washed, moth-proofed and dyed (or not depending on the requirement).

Ribbed Carpets: a two ply carpet using a raised ribbed pattern which can be woven in plain or two or three colours.  Panels can be woven at a maximum of 1.75m and are then joined.  The join is subtle but visible.

Flatpile Carpets: A single ply carpet woven up to 4.35m wide, no joins necessary.  Can be woven in plain colours or stripes.

Tapestry Style Carpets: Woven patterns are possible, some will work better than others, round shapes are difficult and will not be perfectly round.  Textures can also be mixed.

Tufted Carpets: A thick tufted textured top woven on to a mohair flatpile background.  This carpet is extra thick and deep and uses acheter viagra plenty of mohair, all handspun.  Again, can be woven in plain (undyed chalk mohair), or dyed colours.  Can incorporate stripes and patterns.

All of our carpets are made to order, please contact us for further information or a quotation.